Alex City teacher is goofy, passionate, determined and now Class Act Award winner

Class Act: Amy Ray

ALEXANDER CITY, Ala. (WSFA) - Our Class Act Teacher obviously didn’t know we were coming to her classroom.

“I had no clue. I was sitting there teaching small group on dividing fractions and y’all walked in and I was like ‘Hold on a minute! Something’s happening,” said Amy Radney.

It’s Radney’s 10th year teaching math, science and social studies.

Radney’s method is out of the box, the music box!

“I do sing and dance every once in a while in class. You know, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep them entertained and learning. So, that helps,” Radney said.

Also helpful, having folks around you with the same lofty goals for the student’s education.

“I’ve been blessed this year with awesome administrators and staff and the kids are great and the parents are really supportive too so that helps. And I just get to be my goofy self with 52 wonderful 6th graders every day. So it’s fun.”

Goofy, passionate, determined and now Class Act Award winner! But maybe the biggest winners are her students?

Congratulations, Miss Ray! Keep up the great work!

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