Mike Bloomberg makes campaign stop in Montgomery

Mike Bloomberg speaks at conference in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Alabama Democratic Conference held its 60th annual convention Saturday.

“It’s time for Democrats to make a move here in Alabama,” said ADC 3rd Congressional District Chair Darryl Sinkfield.

Speakers at the ADC focused heavily on unifying the Democratic party.

“The only way that we can truly get rid of a bad president’s at the ballot box,” said Congresswoman Terri Sewell.

One of the highlights of the convention was the Kennedy-Johnson-King Luncheon where Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was the featured speaker.

Bloomberg is hoping for the Democratic nomination. He talked about how he believes he can beat President Donald Trump at the ballot.

“I’ve taken on Donald Trump and won many times. On gun safety, poll pollution and flipping the house blue in the 2018 elections,” Bloomberg said.

He said that his campaign is focusing on gun laws, healthcare, and better-paying jobs.

“If you want quality health insurance for everyone, if you want to combat inequality with fairer taxes and better jobs, if you support my commitment to quality education and if you are ready to clean out the oval office and get things done, then please join our campaign and let’s go win this,” Bloomberg said.

During his time on stage, Bloomberg talked about what makes him the best Democratic candidate.

“I offer a different choice and a different type of leadership. I didn’t spend my whole career in politics and I don’t just make speeches. I build teams, I nurture good ideas. I hold myself accountable for results like I said, I’m the un-Trump,” Bloomberg said.

Mike Bloomberg makes campaign stop in Montgomery

Bloomberg said he is hoping to receive the democratic nomination, but if he does not then he said he will continue to support the Democratic candidate.

Voters will hit the polls on March 3 for the primary elections.

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