Class Act winner came back home to teach

Class Act winner came home to teach

MACON COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - Some of our Class Act winners are hometown heroes. They go away to get their education but come back home to teach.

That’s what makes the award extra special for this week’s teacher.

“I’ve always as a young child had a passion for teaching and I just love kids so that’s always been my dream,” said Candyce Patrick.

Patrick wants to be the best so her students can get the best education possible. She believes in hard work, that it pays off and these youngsters are the ones who benefit.

Patrick has taught at Tuskegee Public School for six years. So, it’s a homecoming.

“Not only is she from Tuskegee, but she also lives in the community. So, she is totally connected with the parents and the students,” said TPS Principal Tiffany Williams.

Patrick teaches 6th graders and it can sometimes be a challenge to keep them focused. These young minds are ripe for learning but on any given day they could also be.

“All over the place but I definitely enjoy teaching and I’m a product of Macon County and to give back to my community is the best thing ever,” Patrick said.

Their motto at Tuskegee Public is “TPS is the Best” and they want that to be known and shown everywhere they go.

Principal Williams said, “Parents know that when their kids come to school here that are loved, they’re going to be taken care of and that’s what I’ve been working on for 6 years is to be the best”.

And to be the best sometimes means Miss Patrick not only works throughout the school day but also after school and provides tutoring over the weekend to students in need.

And she does it all, “by prayer first and then the students motivate me as well."

Congratulations, Miss Candyce Patrick. We hope this Class Act Award motivates you to keep up the good work!

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