Texas man kills wild pig with crossbow after it attacks him, his dogs

‘It’s something like out of a movie’

MONTGOMERY, Texas (CNN) – When his dogs woke him up in the middle of the night, a Texas man had no idea that his nightmare was just beginning.

His two hounds were fighting a wild hog in his yard.

When he went outside to break it up, the pig attacked him.

The man was able to get away, but the hog wasn’t going anywhere. It slammed into the backdoor several times and broke it from its hinges.

The pig soon discovered the man wasn’t behind the door but was hiding on top of a wooden enclosure that contained a fishpond. The hog slammed into it and damaged it, too.

While the pig continued its rampage, the man slipped into his garage to grab a crossbow.

When the homeowner was locked and loaded, it was time for a showdown.

"It was still standing on the front porch,” the man said. “When he saw me … it's something like out of a movie, the pig just came running straight at me."

That’s when the man pulled the trigger on the crossbow and killed the hog.

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