All eyes on Tombigbee River in Demopolis

Flooding concerns along Tombigbee River

DEMOPOLIS, Ala. (WSFA) - It is a mushy, soggy mess along the banks of the Tombigbee in Demopolis, and something J.T. and Amy Eason hope doesn’t repeat itself in their home a few blocks away.

“If I see it coming across the road I am getting out of here. It’s something to think about,” said Eason.

At city hall Wednesday, Demopolis Mayor John Laney and his two chiefs discussed strategy over the rising floodwaters.

“It came up in our meeting this morning at what point would we make the call to the governor to ask for emergency services,” said Laney.

Some of the 300 or so who live in the Brickyard community will likely be impacted, the very same neighborhood the Easons live in.

“The water is high and moving very fast and so we urge people not to get out in it and wade,” said Demopolis fire chief Keith Murray.

The river is expected to rise even higher over the next two days and reach the fence line but even that high water mark won’t come close to what happened here in April of 1979.

The stone marker up the embankment a bit tells the story of a record flood 41 years ago. Amy Eason remembers.

“It was bad. It was all the way to that road,” said Eason.

Back at the river Wednesday, the sight of it all pulled in some curiosity seekers.

“I think there is a magnetism about the river and the water. This will change in a couple of hours," Dan Ide said.

The forecast calls for the river to crest at more than 84 feet by Friday. That would make it the 6th highest level on record. Until then everyone has a front-row seat to see bulging Tombigbee.

Demopolis city leaders and first responders say for now there is no mandatory evacuation.

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