Long awaited traffic lights arrive at exit 114 in Georgiana

New lights at Georgiana exit to help businesses

GEORGIANA, Ala. (WSFA) - For much of the day ALDOT crews wired up the traffic light box and cemented the base of the big poles stringing up the new traffic lights. The location? The top of exit 114 in Georgiana.

Dennis Crosby of Georgia couldn’t be more pleased.

“Well, I didn’t know exactly what to do and which way I needed to go,” said Crosby.

Perhaps no one is happier than Mayor Jerome Antone.

“So now we have stoplights. Hopefully, that will solve the problem,” said Antone.

One year ago, ALDOT yanked up the stop signs and put in the “keep moving signs” with the hope of improving traffic flow and reducing beach traffic congestion.

The exit is often a stopping point for those headed to the beach. Some business owners claimed the changes hurt their business because drivers had no reason to stop.

“So if they lost business then we’ll lose some state sales tax,” Antone said.

The lights will blink red and yellow for seven days with the entire system working, directing traffic by March 1. The locals and some of the visitors passing through are counting on the new traffic lights to solve the confusion once and for all.

“And I think it will prevent accidents because some people are going to see a traffic light before they see a stop sign,” said Renee Willie who stopped to grab lunch on her way to Orange Beach.

Merchants say they’re relieved along with Crosby, Willie and the mayor who now have the “green light” to celebrate.

ALDOT declined to answer a few additional questions like the overall cost of the lights and whether this was the end of the traffic change. ALDOT instead responded with a single comment saying, “The traffic signal is being installed as part of a signed agreement between the town of Georgiana and ALDOT.”

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