Proposals to end grocery tax expected this legislative session

Some lawmakers on board with ending grocery tax

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Over the years, several state lawmakers have proposed getting rid of a tax on groceries in Alabama, and 2020 does not appear to be any different.

A tax on food raises about $500 million for the education trust fund in Alabama.

Sen. Andrew Jones, R-Centre, proposed a constitutional amendment to strip the tax on food. His proposal would limit the amount of federal income taxes a state taxpayer can deduct to make up for the loss of revenue in the education budget.

“I think, you know, it’s important that we do it in a way that doesn’t hurt our education budget, but yet still gives working families the help that they need,” Jones said.

It would limit the amount of federal income taxes an individual taxpayer can deduct to a maximum of $6,000 for an individual filing as single and $12,000 for a joint filing.

Other state lawmakers plan to propose a way to get rid of a tax on groceries. Sen. Clyde Chambliss, R-Prattville called it a regressive tax. He plans to have a proposal in the next two weeks.

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