US House District 2 candidate Bob Rogers

US House District 2 candidate Bob Rogers
Bob Rogers explains why he is running for Congress. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Bob Rogers is one of seven candidates running for the District 2 Congressional Seat in Alabama.

You may remember Bob Rogers’ name; he ran for the same seat four years ago. Rogers says his priorities haven’t changed. For him, he says it all comes down to faith and family.

“I feel like abortion is murder and we need to stop it,” says Rogers.

Rogers also says he supports the Second Amendment and President Donald Trump’s efforts to build a border wall. Rogers would like to keep the government out of healthcare.

“For our free society, we don’t need the federal government in our healthcare. You know, back in 1916 when they started taxation, they went into our pockets in (2009) when they passed the Affordable Care Act, they went into our bodies,” Rogers adds.

Rogers wants to make it clear he plans to represent all residents of District 2. He says he has met many of the people who live in District 2.

“We’ve been around on the streets shaking hands, and you know, putting signs out and you meet the people when you’re out there actually working and doing the job. I may have my coveralls on with a funky hat. I’m putting up signs but I’m shaking hands at the same time. So I get to meet those people. They’re working people.”

Rogers’ bio says he served 30 years with the State of Alabama in law enforcement, he is a certified Teacher and Electrical Contractor.

If you’d like to learn more about Bob Rogers, visit his campaign website.

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