See what Apollo 13 astronauts saw: Welcome to the dark side of the moon

It’s just us and them

(CNN/Gray News) – Thanks to Pink Floyd, we’ve known for decades what the “Dark Side of the Moon” sounds like.

With the help of NASA, we now know what it looks like, too.

By compiling images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has put together a video giving us the same view Apollo 13 astronauts would have had on their perilous journey around the far side in 1970.

The 4K resolution video features lunar surface views, as well as earthset and sunrise.

NASA’s LRO is a robotic spacecraft orbiting the moon in a polar mapping orbit. Its data helps the space agency plan for future human and robotic missions to Earth’s closest celestial neighbor.

It was launched in 2009.

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