New movie aimed at stirring conversation across country to debut in Alabama

Christian Coalition of Alabama promotes ‘Justice on Trial’

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The premiere of “Justice on Trial” is coming soon to a theater near you.

”It’s a wrong that needs to be made right," said Chad Lawson Cooper, who produced the 90-minute film.

Cooper not only produced it, but played a part in it as well and feels it could very well start a conversation that needs to be had across the country. Cooper says he personally paid to have the movie made costing “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“I think if we have this conversation we can make progress, we can get along," said Cooper. "There will be less crime. There will be more understanding of each other.”

“We have such a huge disparity between what someone is punished with 25 years versus someone else charged with much less than 5 years or probation," said Christian Coalition of Alabama President Dr. Randy Brinson.

Armelia Harville of Birmingham says she has a brother in federal prison at Maxwell who was convicted on a drug conspiracy charge. Harville believes he is innocent. Harville does not have a part in the film but feels the movie might as well talk about the circumstances surrounding her brother, an injustice. The wrong man, she behind bars.

“The thing is that no evidence was presented whatsoever. It’s basically when people attack you for no reason, destroy your life and future,” said Harville.

“Justice on Trial” will begin its showing Thursday night in Birmingham beginning at 6 p.m. at the Patton Creek Cinemas, and in Selma on Friday at the Walton Theater.

Cooper says the movie will go nationwide in May.

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