Democrats focus on Super Tuesday even as S. Carolina looms

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina primary is just a day away, but the race is quickly going national as candidates pivot to the 14 states that vote on Super Tuesday.

The move is in part a recognition of Joe Biden’s strength in South Carolina, with most of the focus on the margin of his victory and who might come in second place.

But it’s also an effort to tap into the hundreds of delegates at stake in the Super Tuesday contests.

About a third of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination will be on the table.

Sanders’ appeal tested in moderate Virginia on Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders doesn’t need to win Virginia to have a successful Super Tuesday, but he probably can’t afford a big loss there, either.

The state is a key test for the Vermont senator’s ability to consolidate his position as clear front-runner in the Democratic presidential primary.

Virginia is leaning increasingly blue but has long favored moderates over populists.

It also could still flip back to President Donald Trump in November, making it one of the few major swing states voting among the 14 casting ballots Tuesday.

Weak Virginia results could reinforce fears that Sanders will struggle to win over legions of centrists he’d likely need against Trump.

AP decides not to declare Iowa caucus winner after recount

The Iowa Democratic Party has released updated results of the Iowa caucuses after the completion of a recount requested by the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg leads Sanders by a margin of 0.04 percentage points. The Associated Press has reviewed the updated results and won’t call a winner, given concerns about whether the results are fully accurate.

The party plans to certify the results Saturday. Iowa awards 41 national delegates.

As it stands, Buttigieg has 13 delegates and Sanders has 12. Elizabeth Warren won eight, Joe Biden won six and Amy Klobuchar won one.

A final delegate will be awarded Saturday to Buttigieg.

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