Senators Warren, Klobuchar participate in Selma’s first-ever presidential forum

Updated: Mar. 1, 2020 at 6:14 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Amy Klobuchar campaigned at a forum at the Wallace Community College Sunday. Selma gave both candidates a standing ovation.

Warren focused on her plan to start a two-cent nationwide wealth tax.

“What could we do with two cents? And the answer is, we could do universal child care and early childhood education for every single baby in this country," said Warren.

If elected, Warren plans to put $3.2 million into better housing for the poor, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and ex-inmates.

”The federal government should not be there to say this is the kind of housing you must do, but we’ll set aside about half a trillion dollars to say you design what you need," said Warren.

Both Warren and Klobuchar had a focus on voter suppression, especially for those in poorer communities.

"Automatically registering every kid to vote when they turn 18 in the entire nation," said Klobuchar. "Because I am just being about how we get this done in a big way, the best way would be to take back the U.S. Senate, in addition to the presidency.”

Klobuchar also backed more funding for public schools.

“I am so committed to higher pay for teachers, better infrastructure for our schools and better schools in areas that don’t have as much money,” said Klobuchar.

With Super Tuesday right around the corner, both candidates are urging Alabamians to hit the polls. So far only 3 percent of the overall votes have been cast following the primaries.

Thirty-four percent of delegates are up for grabs during this Super Tuesday. It’s made this weekend even more consequential because California moved its primary to March 3rd.

This is the first-ever presidential forum to be held in Selma, on a weekend so historically known for demonstrating everyone’s right to vote in America. Several voters lined up to hear from the candidates.

“I would support any of them, but the main objective is to beat Donald Trump,” said forum attendee Janet Huffman.

Tom Steyer was originally set to speak as well, but after falling short in the primary in South Carolina Saturday he announced he was dropping from the race.

“It was kind of sad to see him speaking as eloquently as he did and with such passion," said Roy Teague, another forum attendee. "It’s too bad that wasn’t translated into the campaign.”

The forum focused on the struggle for voting rights in America and gave the candidates a chance to directly engage with voters.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes the stage at Selma's presidential forum.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes the stage at Selma's presidential forum.(Source: WSFA 12 News)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar takes the stage at Selma's presidential forum.
Sen. Amy Klobuchar takes the stage at Selma's presidential forum.(Source: WSFA 12 News)

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