After 23 years, Class Act winner says she’s more excited than ever

Class Act: Rachelle Agin

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - When you’ve had the same career for over 20 years, some might think it would get boring and unfulfilling. That couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to this week’s Class Act Award winner.

Rachelle Agin is a 23-year veteran who’s more excited about teaching than ever!

There’s a lot of give and take in Rachelle Agin’s math classes at Pine Level Elementary School.

“I like to have fun with the children. I do whatever it takes for them to understand the material. It can be singing songs or rhymes, manipulatives, any kind of models that will help them. We work in small groups a lot. They turn and talk to each other and they have an opportunity to talk a lot back to me,” said Agin.

Those techniques engage her students in a way that really resonates with young learners.

It endears her to them in a way that seems to help them listen better, retain the information and want to learn even more.

Pine Level Elementary principal Christen Harry said, “ The kids love Miss Agin. She has an energy that’s like no other. She is always up and ready for the students every day no matter what they’ve been through or come from that morning. She really takes her time, pulls them in, teach them math and makes sure they understand the concepts. She always has tons of energy and it’s a lot of fun in her classroom.”

The problems may challenge them but there’s always plenty of help and encouragement to get them through the productive school day in Miss Agin class.

It all adds up with the students getting the skills they need for the next grade level. While Miss Agin gets to keep doing what she loves.

“Being with the kids. They keep me young!”

Congratulations, Rachelle Agin, you are this week’s Class Act Teacher!

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