Editorial: Ways to spend time with family during the COVID-19 pandemic

Updated: Apr. 2, 2020 at 6:24 PM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Many of you are now working remotely from home and have the kids as well. So, what do you do to prevent the choruses of “I’m bored there’s nothing to do.”

Obviously we want everyone to continue watching TV but not all day. If you are at home, make the best of it when you can by spending quality time with your families. Here are some ideas:

  • Pack a family picnic that you purchased from one of the local restaurants through there to go service and head out to the back yard. Spread a blanket, and enjoy. Chances are your kids have never done this before.
  • My kids live in Boston and Mobile. My daughter scheduled a family dinner. We were all to have our dinners prepared by 6 p.m. We sat at our dinner tables in our different cities and then faced timed with each other while dining, it’s a great way to pass an hour. The parents won the best menu by far.
  • Bake some bread or cookies. Eating them is even more fun.
  • I may get some negative feedback on this one but here we go. For Viking night, lay newspaper on the kitchen table and put out the food. Only plates. Wash your hands beforehand. Vikings only used their hands to eat so have at it. It makes no difference if its peas, salad or steak. Everyone eats with their hands. The kids will love it. Wash your hands when finished.

So, the key is to make the best of every situation. Family time is often missed when everything is run-and-gun in our regular lives.

These are not regular times. Take a moment to enjoy your family and pray we get through this with a new found appreciation for what we have near us.

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