Doctors rely on telehealth to see patients during COVID-19 pandemic

Doctors rely on telehealth to see patients during COVID-19 pandemic
Dr. Luckie uses telehealth to talk with his patients. (Source: wsfa)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - In a time where people are encouraged not to leave their houses, doctors are using technology to give patients the attention needed.

Dr. Cory Luckie works at Ivy Creek Family Care of Holtville. Luckie said he has seen a significant drop in the number of patients at the office because of the coronavirus.

“That’s totally understandable. You know, we want people to be as safe as possible,” Luckie said. “We actually want people to stay home.”

Now, Luckie uses video conference calls to talk with about one-third his patients. This way of treatment is also known as Telehealth or Telemedicine.

“I have had a Minimal experience will tell health until now,” he said.

Luckie said Telehealth is usually used for follow-up appointments. A patient would first drive up to the clinic, and without leaving the car, a health care provider would check their blood pressure and other vitals.

“We take your blood or check whatever we need to check, and we let you go and go home instead of you come and actually inside the building, and then we can finish up the visit on an actual video chat,” he said.

Clinics and hospitals are losing money because the governor ordered them not to provide elective procedures.

Telehealth provides these facilities with a source of revenue.

“We’ve been affected You know, we have had to cut hours back for staff, including myself. You know, we’ve had people that just aren’t coming to work because we can’t afford them to be at work,” he said.

The oldest person Luckie has treated through Telehealth was 70.

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