MPS lays out plans for students to finish school year

MPS prepares to implement distance learning

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Montgomery Public Schools laid out its plans for the rest of the school year as students spend the rest of the semester learning virtually from home.

According to MPS, the plan is to use a blended model. Some students may use learning packets but each schools’ approach will be different based on need. Schools are expected to manage their virtual learning independently based on student needs.

MPS Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore says a survey was taken to assess how many technological devices were available for students at each school. The survey also looked at how many students would need devices to access school work.

The results of the survey are expected to be in on Friday.

Moore says once the school system looks over the results devices will be given to students based on the greatest need.

Last week, State Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey did say there was a concern about the lack of internet in some students’ homes and other issues, but reassured everyone the department was working with local systems “to make sure there is a plan in place for every school, for every child, to continue their learning, to close out their school year."

Along with access to devices, Moore says MPS is providing information on its website on what companies are offering free online access for those who need it. A plan for internet distribution is still in the works.

Attendance will not be taken starting Monday. Students K-11 will receive final grades after this fourth grading period ending May 21.

Seniors in good standing with grades after the third grading period will be considered graduates. Those not meeting graduation requirements from that point will work through the final grading period to get their average.

Any questions will be facilitated by individual schools. Students and parents will receive guidance from teachers or the principal, while teachers will report to their principal for guidance.

Once the current learning situation is up and running, Moore says the next step will be to look at what to do if/when students return to school to assess student achievement.

Montgomery Public Schools overseas 52 different schools with approximately 28,000 students, Moore says.

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