Staying fit in front of your TV

Staying fit in front of the TV

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - With COVID-19 shutting down pretty much the entire city, many have turned to video games to fill the time. Of course gyms are closed, so home workouts have become the new norm.

But, what if there was a fun way to combine exercise and gaming? Thanks to Nintendo, a few squats can actually help you save the virtual world.

Many gaming devices have offered a way to be physically fit during game play, but a new game is forcing players to be physically active in order to play.

It’s called Ring Fit, an extension of the Nintendo Switch. Players are tasked with assisting “Ring,” an imaginary spirit in the game, while fighting various monsters on a quest to defeat Dragaux, the body-building villain in this adventure-style game. This isn’t your typical grab-a-controller-and-plop-on-the-couch-game; rather than pushing buttons, players are required to do different exercises in order to control your character.

This means if you want your character to run, you have to run. And the only way to defeat those monsters? Anything from squats, to lunges, to ab workouts and everything in between. There’s even a few challenging yoga exercises, like the “warrior pose.”

Each exercise is demonstrated before and during the workout. Even when you get tired, Ring is there to provide words of encouragement, and a few tips on how to properly execute each move. And trust me, after just a 20 minute workout, you'll feel the burn throughout your whole body.

Finally, at the end of each level, the game shows you just how much exercise you did, and gives the option to check your heart rate.

So, how can you Ring Fit?

Clear some space in your house, plug in your Switch, and get to exercising! You’ll burn some calories, break a sweat and save the world, all from the comfort of your living room.

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