ACA’s Pittman focuses on future at Florida

ACA’s Pittman focuses on future at Florida

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Flashback to May 2019, Alabama Christian Academy captured the 4A softball state title.

“I remember feeling that all my hard work had paid off. It’s a feeling I wish I could feel again,” said ACA senior Haley Pittman.

Pittman will not get a chance to repeat as a state champ this season. She, like thousands of other spring athletes across the state, had her season canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I've always looked forward to playing my senior season, because I think your senior season is the most memorable and the most special one of all of them," stated Pittman.

Pittman's career, although cut short, was special. She finished with 113 career wins as a pitcher. 36 of those wins coming last season during ACA's title run.

You will see her stats sprinkled all over the AHSAA softball record book.

"I like to think about it. I could have possibly had the win record at school. I didn't get that, but I do think about it," Pittman stated.

Now, Pittman focuses on the future. Her next stop is Gainesville to play in the SEC for softball power Florida.

Training for the next level takes place at home right now.

“My backyard is pretty big. I just get out there. I have room to pitch and all that stuff, so I do snaps. I have a whole snap routine I do. I just gradually back up until I am at the right distance, and I’ll pitch full-out,” stated Pittman.

Backyard training now, during these unique times, but the future is bright.

“I definitely want to get bigger and stronger. More velocity and definitely a lot more spin, so I have a chance to maybe start,”

Start right away as a freshman?

“I would like to,” Pittman added.

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