No Field, No Problem for Dadeville’s Josh Taylor

COVID-19 not shutting down future Faulkner Eagle

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s been a month since coronavirus shut down the sports world, but it didn’t shut down Faulkner commit Josh Taylor.

“When that happened, I knew I had a goal in mind, cause I gotta go to Faulkner and play football, so that wasn’t gonna stop my grind,” said Taylor.

Rather than sit around waiting for a solution, Taylor decided this was just another tackle to break along his football journey.

“I’m working all day, every day doing drills. Ladder drills, position drills, running routes, catching - all that.”

However, practicing on the front lawn isn’t the same as being out on the gridiron, so Josh’s dad, Michael, went to work, creating their very own football field right in the front yard.

“His goal is to be an All-American at Faulkner University, so the field is it. It kinda does things to a kid,” said Michael. “It’s different when you’re just in the backyard versus a field with paint on it, and when I set that up it kinda put Josh on a different level.”

While it looks like just a little paint and a few cones, Josh says it’s also helping him get past the biggest setback of his career.

“It’s been helpful a lot seeing these lines right here, because you know I didn’t even get to play this year cause an ACL tear,” said Josh. “So, seeing these lines, it helps me a lot. It gets me ready for the season."

”At Dadeville High School, we got a great fan base there," added Michael. “They kinda motivated Josh and pushed him to get over this injury. They surrounded Josh to where he almost forgot he had an injury.”

Neither coronavirus nor an ACL recovery are keeping Josh from chasing his dreams.

“I work every day. I still do some therapy stuff to get me back to where I need to be, and my therapists still texts me and tells me what I need to do, so it’s not going to put me back. When I get there, I’m going to be full speed,” he said.

Faulkner University has not yet released its 2020 schedule.

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