Grounds crew keeping Riverwalk Stadium game-ready

Riverwalk Stadium stays ready for 2020 season

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - As Assistant Director of Operations for the Montgomery Biscuits, Alex English wears a lot of hats. But the most noticeable one?

“I take care of all this. I just make sure it’s ready,” he said while pointing to the field.

Every day, English and his ballpark-loving pup Allie head out to the stadium, ready to keep the field looking game-ready. Normally, he’d have a crew helping with the day-to-day work, but the coronavirus has forced many employees at Riverwalk to work away from the ballpark.

"Since most of my coworkers can work from home, it's pretty peace and quiet out here," said Alex. "I guess it makes you focus a little bit and relax, and know you're not in any rush to do anything."

But don’t be fooled - there’s a pretty long laundry list of things that goes into to taking care of the grounds.

“Painting, pressure-washing, keeping the place clean, washing the pollen off everything," said English. "The grass grows every day whether I want to be here or not.”

Just a few of the many tasks to be completed in a single day.

Of course, Wednesday was supposed to be Opening Night for the Biscuits, and fans were supposed to flood the stadium to see first hand all the work English has put in behind the scenes.

It’s challenging working with such uncertainty, however, he is remaining optimistic about the season.

“It is a little different. Obviously we’re hoping for the best and everybody’s staying safe and staying healthy," said English. "I obviously love the opening day smells and the atmosphere. I just hope everybody is excited to get back to having sports in our lives.”

English and Allie will continue making sure Riverwalk Stadium is in tip-top shape for when Opening Day finally arrives.

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