Cleaning companies face own battle with COVID-19

Updated: Apr. 22, 2020 at 7:39 PM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Across the board people have been ramping up their disinfecting efforts due to COVID-19, but for some companies where disinfecting is almost all they do, they’re having to take extra precautions.

“We bring in special equipment, disinfectants that are approved by the EPA for such a time, and everybody on our team is qualified and trained,” said Protek Project Manager Colton Spackman. "We service anything from residential to commercial and industrial. We’re in the service business, our goal is to serve.”

For cleaning and disinfecting companies, the job doesn’t stop.

“We come through and disinfect not only the structure, meaning the walls, and the ceiling, the floor, but also the contents within a building, meaning things like computers, anything that’s that’s not a permanent part of the building," said Spackman. "So, those things typically get missed, but we also disinfect the contents as well as the structure.”

At Kemco Facility Services, officials say that janitorial staff are often overlooked..but they’ve gone directly to COVID-19 positive sites.

“For our customers, we’re providing them with with different types of preventative disinfection programs where we’re going in and fogging and misting and spraying hot touch-point surfaces in their buildings to keep them and their employees, safe. Then of course with our employees, we’re continuing to follow CDC guidelines and compliance with PPE and we’re having our team members wear protective glasses, masks, and gloves," said Kemco Facility Services Vice President Wesley Littlefield. “Now, we’re also providing what we’ve termed post outbreak disinfection, and, of course, that’s when we go into a building to disinfect after a confirmed COVID case, and in that case we have our technicians were in full suits full PPE from head to toe.”

Littlefield says they’re providing a service that the community relies on.

“All of our current customers are looking to us for solutions right now on how to keep, you know, their building safe and how to keep their employees that comfort level. It has been very demanding as people are looking to us as the experts, but we welcome that,” Littlefield said.

Some businesses are tackling COVID-19 with their own EPA-approved products.

“This product called Pure & Clean, Pure & Clean has multiple formulations. The surface prep is what we use to disinfect our exam lanes after each patient encounter," said Dr. Bryan Holman of River Region Vision Source. “We also use this product in our optical when our patients are crying on the different glasses. After they try on their glasses we spray down each frame and disinfect the frame before we put it back on the board.”

Holman said stock is limited, but they are selling disinfecting products.

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