Suspect arrested after being found hiding in hospital dumpster

Pursuit suspect arrested after escaping Troy hospital

TROY, Ala. (WSFA) - One man faces multiple charges after he was found in a dumpster by law enforcement.

According to Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Sgt. Drew Brooks, it all began Friday when the suspect was pulled over in Pike County for numerous traffic violations.

Brooks says the suspect fled troopers and crashed his vehicle in the process. The suspect was taken to Troy Regional Hospital for observation.

After being X-rayed and brought back to examination room, the suspect through the back door of the emergency room.

Brooks says the suspect went out, came back inside the hospital and exited the hospital again.

Troy police and the Pike County Sheriff’s Office were called in to help. Together, they were able to contain the suspect to a small area.

Brooks says the suspect was found in a dumpster behind the hospital by two troopers and taken into custody.

The suspect was originally charged with reckless endangerment and attempting to elude along with several traffic violations. He will now face additional charges, with escape being one of them, Brooks says.

The suspect has been transported to the Pike County Jail.

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