County Road 12: High school classmates open Nineteen Boutique

County Road 12: Nineteen Boutique

ANDALUSIA, Ala. (WSFA) - They’ve been best friends for most of their lives.

“We’ve actually been best friends since the first grade,” said Emmy Rabren.

Emmy Rabren and Ellie Guilford have been side by side all the way through their senior year at Straughn High School in Andalusia but when it came time to go to college, the girls parted ways.

Emmy goes to the University of Alabama, Ellie is an Auburn Tiger. Even though they are now on different campuses, the girls are still tight. Over Christmas break, they reunited and came up with a new idea.

“When we were home from college this Christmas, we just said why not now, let’s go ahead and do this,” said Emmy.

With help from their families, the girls started an online store called Nineteen Boutique. By February they were up and running. So where did the name come from?

"We were both 19 and graduated in 2019, so that’s where it stemmed from,” Ellie Guilford.

We had to ask if being on opposite sides of the fiercest rivalry in sports affects their business relationship?

″It currently does not," said Ellie. “We will have to see now next football season goes.”

They had only been open for weeks when the coronavirus started to spread in the U.S. Starting a boutique during this pandemic may have sounded like bad timing, but with both girls home from school, they’ve had more time together than they ever imagined.

″I can do classes at night and work in the day, versus when I’m at school it’s class all the time," said Emmy.

“When the coronavirus hit and we first started, business was slow,” said Ellie. “We were like, ‘oh no’. But this last month things have really picked up, our best month.”

Best buds since grade school, now business partners, proving the girl power is pretty strong in South Alabama.

″Even though we are 19 years old and still in college, we can do something like this," said Emmy.

While it’s just an online business right now the girls hope to open up a traditional store in Andalusia down the road.

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