Community colleges seeing high application numbers

Some community colleges seeing increase in applications

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - As students begin registering for fall classes, community colleges are seeing an increase in applications.

“Trenholm State Community College has seen an increase in our application for the fall. We are an affordable opportunity for students to attend...actually our applications are up. Over 1000 new applications has been received for the fall,” said Trenholm State Community College Interim President Anita Archie.

Officials say that one of the big draws of a community college is the affordability and that more students are looking for ways to save money during these difficult times.

“That’s what the whole Alabama Community College System prides itself on - affordability, diverse opportunity for education, also for improving your quality of life. That’s what we pride ourselves on, and its so great right now that we are being that primary choice for college education,” Archie said.

Due to the increase in applications, Trenholm is re-evaluating how they’ll handle classes.

“We want to do is accommodate all the students that have applied to Trenholm that enroll. It may be more online, definitely. It may be a definitely smaller classroom based on CDC guidelines as well as going to be possibly offering things that we have stopped offering that we will start by offering again, which would be night courses and weekend courses as well,” Archie said.

Enrollment will begin in July.

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