Man arrested for threatening Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin

Man arrested for threatening Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin
Brian Vest faces terroristic threat charge (Source: Jefferson County Jail)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A man accused of making threats against Mayor Randall Woodfin Monday has been arrested.

Birmingham police said 49-year-old Brian Vest was arrested at a home in Warrior Wednesday and charged with making terrorist threats.

This is part of a 911 call someone with the City confirmed was made by Vest before his arrest.

WARNING: This call has been edited, but still contains disturbing, offensive language:

Mayor Woodfin confirmed Wednesday morning he had been threatened over the removal of the Confederate monument in Linn Park.

Here is verbatim of an interview Woodfin did with Al Roker, in part:

AL ROKER: And for doing that, we hear your life’s been threatened for taking this action. What’s happened?

WOODFIN: Unfortunately, in the state of Alabama, there’s a lot of people who like to participate in revisionist history. They believe it’s American to support the Civil War in relation to these Confederate monuments, but they’re mad because we took the statue down, and yes, there have been several threats, but our security team is not only taking it serious as it relates to me and my protection, but City Hall as well as the citizens of Birmingham protection as well. I tell you this, though, Al, it’s important to note that the city of Birmingham was not even a city during the Civil War, and we don’t have time to worry about something that’s not working for our city, and relegates black people to property and slavery, and so it’s important that we take this down and move forward, and we accomplished that yesterday.

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