Selma mayor ‘encouraged’ by peaceful protests

Selma mayor reacts to protests in Alabama

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) - Selma Mayor Dario Melton said he was heartbroken when he learned of the circumstances surrounding George Floyd's death.

“That could’ve been me,” he said.

Mayor Melton says he supports the peaceful protests happening across the country, adding that he’s encouraged to see people from all walks of life working together to bring about change.

“I understand the sentiments that many people are having cross culturally, when it comes to people who are protesting out there standing up for what we believe is the best in the American dream," said Melton. "And so I lend my support in those efforts to say that it is the time for our country to make major steps and not to graduate that makes those steps but to make those graduate steps now.”

Melton says he has signed a pledge started by former President Barack Obama calling for mayors to address the use of police force in their cities. Melton says he’s beginning to have that conversation with his police department.

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