County Road 12: Clanton’s Fair Food Drive Thru

County Road 12: Clanton’s Fair Food Drive Thru

CLANTON, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s that time of year, for state and county fairs. But it seems like the coronavirus has put everything on hold.

“Usually this time of year we’d be in the Kentucky or Indiana area, but because of COVID-19 our business is not in operation right now," said Savannah Kisser with Kisser Entertainment.

Like many companies, Kisser Entertainment is getting creative.

″This is nothing like what you can get from a normal drive thru," Kisser said.

Savannah is a fourth generation worker in the amusement industry.

“This is a family business. We normally work nine months out of the year and take three months off. So this is our ‘on season’ right now,” she said.

Since they can’t take the show on the road, the show sits in Clanton. It’s their Fair Food Drive Thru.

″You can just drive on thru. If you feel more comfortable staying in your vehicle, you can drive thru, someone will take your order and then bring it to your vehicle," Kisser said.

They have all the favorites.

“There are so many good treats, funnel cakes, corn dogs, anything you can get at a normal state or county fair, you can get with us," she said.

Along with all those fried favorites, there’s a little taste of fair atmosphere to go along with it.

″We are a carnival based company so we bring entertainment everywhere. It would not be right if we didn’t have carousel music in the background and all the corn dogs you can eat."

The Fair Food Drive Thru is located at 17606 US HWY 31 N in Clanton. So, if that corn dog craving hits you, or if you just need that big cup of freshly squeezed lemonade, there’s now an option, in Clanton out along County Road 12.

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