Lowndes County physician remains calm in midst of pandemic

Lowndes County battling pandemic with just one doctor

LOWNDES COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - A Lowndes County physician is leading the charge against the coronavirus and it’s not that Dr. George Thomas has a choice.

At First Missionary Baptist Church in White Hall, another curbside testing and they know the name of Dr. George Thomas.

“I think he is the perfect doctor,” said Gloria White.

THE Dr. Thomas at the family medical clinic in Hayneville, the very one, and the only physician in Lowndes County leading the fight against the coronavirus.

“It can be stressful but like I said... I am not alone. I have a nurse practitioner who is very good,” said Thomas.

Soft-spoken with an easy-going demeanor, Thomas doesn’t allow the virus to rattle him. He does, however, wish the locals would take it more seriously. Thomas is diagnosing an average of five positive tests per week.

“The rate is probably one of the highest,” said Thomas.

That number would significantly drop if more and more people would wear a mask.

“It is disappointing, because a lot of times you gotta really look out for the other person as for yourself,” said Thomas.

At 64, Thomas could retire but chooses not to. The endurance and care for his patients have been duly noted by Thomas’s boss.

“We’ve actually hired a couple of physicians to help spread out in the entire organization,” said Health Services, Inc. CEO Gilbert Darrington.

According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, there've been more than 400 positive cases in Lowndes County since the pandemic started.

“I haven’t seen any tapering,” Thomas said.

Surrounded by poverty and the virus, the good doctor is certain the pandemic will end at some point. When is another question.

Until then, Thomas will keep leading the good fight in this Black Belt county, staring down an enemy that wants to seek and destroy.

To help encourage more and more Lowndes County residents to wear masks, the mayors of Hayneville and Mosses handed out free masks Thursday.

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