County Road 12: Lagoon Park Raceway

County Road 12: Lagoon Park Raceway

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s kind of like Talladega, just on a much smaller scale. Plus, instead of sitting behind the wheel, these drivers are watching from high above. It’s the Lagoon Park Raceway in Montgomery!

Remote control car racers from all over the south come to this Montgomery track to test their skills. So what makes a good driver?

“Don’t put your car where it don’t belong,” said RC racer Chris Landers.

″We can literally race these cars this far apart without touching each other,” said RC racer Jerry Evans. ″You’re not in the seat but you can still feel the adrenaline.”

These are quarter scale remote control cars, so 25 percent as big as the real thing. The attention to detail is impressive.

“These cars, they start out hand built,” said Evans. “The chassis are made from chrome molly steel. A lot of them are built in full size race car shops and they scale these cars down to 1/4 the size.”

It really does look like a mini Talladega. Drivers have their own trailers lined up outside the track with spare cars and parts.

″You gotta have plenty of room to work,” said Landers.

And controlling these cars at high speeds isn’t as easy as they make it look.

″This is the controller we use,” said Landers. “We have a throttle, brakes, and the steering wheel. A lot of people come out here and think they can just grab the remote and drive, but it takes a lot of skill.”

The cars can cost anywhere from $800 to more than $3,000 for a new one. They spend a lot of time getting their car ready for anything.

“You think you set your car up one time and you’re good,” said Evans. “But, it’s just like NASCAR, a cloud can come over and change the handling. The temperature could drop in the evening and that changes things.”

From high above they battle back and forth. While they all hope for the best time, it’s the good times that keep them coming back.

”Everyone out here gets along,” said Landers. “Everybody helps everybody. It’s competitive but there’s no arguing or fussing, just a good time.”

They’re only 25 percent as big as they real thing, but it’s still 100 percent of the fun, in Montgomery out along County 12.

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