County Road 12: Pike Road’s Trash Pandas of Alabama

County Road 12: Pike Road’s Trash Pandas of Alabama

PIKE ROAD, Ala. (WSFA) - When Shannon Williams heads off to work, it’s a lot different than it was one year ago.

“Before I was stuck behind a computer for years,” said Shannon Williams with Trash Pandas of Alabama. “It’s a joy to be outside and be my own boss.”

After doing some online research, he took a chance and started up Trash Pandas of Alabama.

″Trash Panda is another name for a raccoon. You see raccoons always digging around in trash cans and dumpsters and stuff.”Williams said.

So Williams bought this big ole truck and now goes around cleaning what might be the dirtiest thing you own.

″People don’t realize your average trash bin has 400 million strands of bacteria in it,” Williams said. “That’s pretty significant considering a home toilet has about 40 strands in it.”

Here’s how the business works.

“We pressure wash the outside of it and clean it up. Then we hook it up to our machine, flip it up on the truck, and we have three sprayers that spray 200 degree water that sanitizes the inside of it. Then we get it back down and dry it off,” Williams said.

So now your stinky trash can, look and smell like new.

Williams said not all jobs are pleasant and remembers the time he cleaned the dumpster of a local butcher.

“It’s the closest I’ve came to puking,” Williams added.

Williams said eventually he’d like to expand and add some more trucks. It’s a dirty job, but this guy doesn’t mind doing it.

If you’re interested, Trash Pandas of Alabama offers both monthly and quarterly service to its customers.

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