Vandals strike northern Covington County cemetery

Cemetery vandalized in Covington County

COVINGTON COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - A country cemetery in northern Covington County is getting disturbed, and it’s not sitting well with its long time caretaker.

The Pilgrims Rest Cemetery is located off Covington County Road 77, not far from Dozier in nearby Crenshaw County.

“Just seems so disrespectful to me,” said Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Foundation Chairman Carolyn Davis.

Davis pointed to several tombstones that had been knocked over, broken or lifted out of their settings.

In the case of Willie Jeter's grave, the slab above his resting place was found broken in half. Jeter died in 1869. He was only 5 years old.

“Seems like they don’t have anything better to do than to actually to disturb something of that nature and that’s disturbing,” said Covington County Sheriff Chief Deputy Todd Grimes.

Davis believed it’s kids “partying.”

This is not the worst case of vandalism you’ll find in a cemetery, but it’s troubling for Davis because it keeps happening. After all, she has family members buried there along with a major part of American history.

“Somebody was in the War of 1812, and we got several Civil War veterans,” Davis said.

Grimes admitted solving a crime like this one will be difficult. There are no witnesses and no cameras. That could change though. Davis says enough is enough. She will investigate putting one up soon.

In terms of dollar damage, Davis says she has no idea. The focus for now is to restore the serenity for those who’ve departed long ago.

Cemetery records show Pilgrims Rest Cemetery has more than 400 graves.

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