Candidates in upcoming Alabama municipal elections

Candidates in upcoming Alabama municipal elections
Next month, several cities across the state will hold municipal elections. (Source: WVIR)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Next month, several cities across the state will hold municipal elections. The qualifying period ended last week.

The following cities will host municipal elections with the candidates for each position listed:


  • Mayor: Earl Johnson
  • District 1: Will Sconiers (Incumbent), Joe Nix
  • District 2: Kennith Mount (Incumbent), Michael Veasey
  • District 3: Hazel Griffin
  • District 4: Ralph Wells
  • District 5: Terry Powell


  • Mayor: Isabell “Fronnie” Boyd, Anthony T. Foster, Mike McNally, Jimmy Ramage, Rodney Wilson
  • District 1: Lynette Andrews, Betty Baxter, Gerald Douglas Holland, Johnny Turvin
  • District 2: Charlie Bell, Jessica Collier, Stacy Flournoy, Alexandria M. Griffin, Latisher Hall
  • District 3: Henry “Hendock” Everett, Angie Kelly, Margaret E. Ross
  • District 4: Byron Gaynor, Paula “Wilson” Hall
  • District 5: Christopher Foster, James (Sid) Jones, Marilyn “Munchie” Rodgers


  • Mayor: Bill Baker, William E. (Bill) Cooper, Lister H. Reeves, Jr., Perry Vickers
  • District 1: Sonya Wheeler Rich, Reiders White, Jr., Jerrold Whitehurst
  • District 2: Eugene Goolsby, LaQuilla Stoudmire
  • District 3: Danny O. Bradley, James D. Brown, Les W. Hogan, Greg Padgett
  • District 4: Scotty Johnson
  • District 5: Turner Townsend


  • Mayor Jack B. Tibbs, Jr. (Incumbent), L.C. Green, Sara Hamm
  • District 1: Tony L. Robertson (Incumbent), Ben Garrison
  • District 2: Otis Hill, Jeff Robinson
  • District 3: Marvin Brown
  • District 4: John Wayne Robinson, Kaloeb Morris, Logan Mitchell
  • District 5: Barbara C. Flurry (Incumbent), Wes Register, Rosalind Skipper Rice


  • Mayor: Greg Adams, David Hayes, John Hughes
  • Council Member District 1: Charlie Harris, Rufus Lee
  • Council Member District 2: Tashara Martinestz, Freddy McCoy
  • Council Member District 3: Charles W. “Charlie” Fleming, Jr., Kimberly Wesley Gillespie
  • Council Member District 4: Jason Gerstner, Raymond Terry, Ryan Tidwell
  • Council Member District 5: Richard Bixby
  • Council Member District 6: Joe Buchinsky, Hobie L. Dixon, Mike Fountain
  • Council Member District 7: Mike Bryan, Daniel L. Coleman, Todd Mote


  • Mayor: Al Kelley, Tim Love
  • Ward 1: Joyce Loyd-Davis, Jacquelyn Long Thomas, Olivia Venable
  • Ward 2: Michael Gay, Leon L Pressley
  • Ward 3: Jimmy Harris
  • Ward 4: Bertha Brown, Justin Jones
  • Ward 5: Hal Hodge


  • Mayor: Tiffany Gibson-Pitts, Gary Fuller
  • Ward 1: George Allen, Melvin Brooks, Elizabeth Burton, Robert Johnson, Jamie Lowe, Alexis Meniefield
  • Ward 2: Erica Norris, Oscar L. Penn
  • Ward 3: Michael Carter, Robert Lofton, Kelli Thompson,
  • Ward 4: Eddie Smith
  • Ward 5: Chuck Adams, David Cannon, Brandon Fincher, Todd Rauch


Mayor: Dean Argo, Bill Gillespie, Jr.

District 1: Wayne Mackey, Deven Peek, Albert Striplin

District 2: Marcus Jackson

District 3: John Chambers, Irene B. Kohn

District 4: Gerald “Jerry” Starnes

District 5: Bryant “Bo” Evans, Blair Gornto

District 6: Mark Rhodes, Robert Strichik

District 7: Lora Lee Boone, Paul Young


  • Mayor: John Hammock, John Stonaker, Danny Loren Ingram
  • Council:
    • Ward 1 - Jeremy Taunton, Tommy E. Gresham
    • Ward 2: Sarah Hill, Matthew Miller
    • Ward 3: Damian L. Carr, Jahazel L. Hooks, Willie Smith
    • Ward 4: William “Bill” Hall, Darrell Wilson
    • Ward 5: Terrel “Coach” Brown
    • Ward 6: William C. “Bill” Godwin, Michael Stough
    • Ward 7: Fred Randall Hughey, David Stough
  • Board of Education:
    • Ward 1: Kami B. Scarborough
    • Ward 2: Michael “Don” Bryant, Alisha Miller
    • Ward 3: Sonja Y. Moore
    • Ward 4: Ruthanne McCaig, Jeff Branch
    • Ward 5: Melanie Hurston-Goodman, Donald Rex Ledbetter Jr.
    • Ward 6: Anderson “Andy” Coker, Heather Miller
    • Ward 7: Lacey Brewer


  • Mayor: Rozell Chappell, Jr., Lawrence “Tony” Haygood, Jamelle McDade
  • Council Member-at-Large: Annie Lucas Brown, Curtis J. Calhoun, Frank C. “Chris” Lee, II
  • Council Member District 1: Norma McGowan Jackson, Lateefah Muhammad, Lennora “Tia” Pierrot
  • Council Member District 2: U.L. Brownlee, Johnny Ford, Mae-Pearl Hall Clark, Jacqueline T. Grant
  • Council Member District 3: Shirley W. Curry, Orlando R. Whitehead


  • Mayor (AT LARGE): • William “Greg” Jones • Jerry Willis
  • Council District-One (1): • David Bowen • Jack McDaniel • Kevin Robbins
  • Council District-Two (2): • Cheryl D. Tucker • Lewis Edward Washington, Sr.
  • Council District-Three (3): • Lynnes Justiss
  • Council District-Four (4): • Steve Gantt
  • Council District-Five (5): • Andrew Michael Blevins • Joe L. Brown

Some cities, like Montgomery and Auburn, do not have municipal elections this year. WSFA 12 News has reached out to several cities for a list of their candidates.

Elections will be held Aug. 25.

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