Elmore County school sees enrollment increase due to coronavirus

Edge Virtual School of Learning seeing growth

ELMORE COUNTY, Ala. (WSFA) - An Elmore County school curriculum may be impacted by the coronavirus but not necessarily in a bad way. The Edge Virtual School of Learning begins its second year and it’s already seeing significant growth in enrollment.

The pandemic could very well open the door to a higher enrollment this fall. Tuesday, Cindy Hines and the head of the elementary section looked over the names of students who will take classes online through the Edge Virtual learning program and noticed an increase.

“Yes. Our numbers everyday, students are applying,” said Hines, the principal at Edge Virtual School Of Learning.

Edge got its start at the beginning of school last year with 38 student. It ended the year with close to 280. Now?

“I would say our numbers, as of last Friday, our applications we were at 297. That’s not counting the students that were returning that were with us last year,” said Hines.

Because of the pandemic Hines wouldn’t be surprised if that enrollment number jumps to around 400 this fall. Either way, she is confident she has the personnel to handle a potential surge, a surge that could come when students realize life in brick-and-mortar schools won’t be the same this year.

“We do have the manpower. I know everything will look different, lunches will look different, the water fountains will be closed,” said Hines.

Hines says if students end up not feeling comfortable in their regular schools because of the pandemic, they can apply to get accepted in the Edge program.

Classes resume on Aug. 10 in Elmore County.

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