Ramer church parishioners counter-balance negativity with Jesus 2020 campaign signs

Montgomery Co. church starts 'Jesus for 2020' campaign

RAMER, Ala. (WSFA) - A member of a south Montgomery County church has come up with a novel idea she hopes will counter-balance all the negativity we see in the country today: the dim light of COVID 19, racial tension and political turmoil.

It’s a campaign with a Heavenly touch, the brainchild of Martha Sikes.

“I don’t think I gave up anything. I think I gained a lot. I just felt the Lord was telling me we gotta do something. We can’t remain silent,” said Sikes.

The idea behind the red and white Jesus 2020 campaign signs sprinkled through Ramer was developed by Joyce Hubbard. The ladies are long time members of Sampey Memorial Baptist Church in Ramer.

“We want people to realize we need Jesus. That’s really what we need,” said Hubbard.

Sikes initially felt the call to do something, anything to somehow slow down the spread of anger and tension across the country.

“There is so much tension in the world, a lot going on,” she said.

Church leaders say they’re somewhat surprised by how popular this has become. In fact, they tell me they’ve printed out 2000 campaign signs in just three weeks.

Susan Grantham has one in her yard and plans to send a few more to relatives and friends hundreds of miles away in Kentucky.

“Kentucky, Tennessee and north Alabama. We got a lot going on,” said Grantham.

No real push back so far, according to Hubbard, but she did receive what she considers an observation from someone.

“The only thing I’ve had a comment is that maybe we shouldn’t put Jesus on a political sign and have Him associated with some of the crooked politicians we think are out there, but you know Jesus was here and He didn’t hang out with the kings and do-gooders,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard and Sikes say this is not about their church, not about them, but all about their hopes healing will settle in across the land from the very candidate they’ve declared the “winner” for all eternity.

Sikes and Hubbard say other media outlets are starting to reach out to them.

If you’re interested in getting a Jesus 2020 yard sign you can visit this link or call 334-288-3855.

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