Montgomery rolls out ‘No Wait Probate’ phone app

Montgomery County debuts new 'No Wait Probate' app

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Montgomery County Probate office is showing off its new “No Wait Probate” tool.

“This is a way that people can come and check in and go sit in their cars without having to wait in the sun, get rained upon,” explained Montgomery Probate Judge JC Love. “We’ve heard customer complaints and concerns. This our way to use technology to address that.”

You can download the app on any smartphone. It's designed to cut down on your wait times at the probate office. Instead of standing in line, you can check in on the app.

You can get the app by going to

“This allows them to wait in their car where it’s cool, if they’ve got a short errand they need to run, they can try to go ahead and run it, as long as they are certain they can come back and make it back within that 10 minute window,” said Judge Love. “Also, those who use the app will also be able to see what our wait times are at our different particular locations and how many people are ahead of them in line.”

The app does require you to agree that you’ll report to the probate office within 10 minutes of the notification that it’s your turn or risk losing your spot in line.

"With the office being shut for a month and a half, we really saw just increasing demand at all of our offices and we really wanted to do a way to better serve the citizens here in Montgomery to alleviate the long lines," Love said. "We wanted to try to do something where people can check in and get served and not have to wait in line when it's 90-100 degrees outside"

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