3 guilty of hiding cocaine in broccoli

One of the suspects nearly became a US Border Patrol agent

3 guilty of hiding cocaine in broccoli
Three suspects have pleaded guilty to smuggling cocaine inside a shipment of broccoli from Texas to Alabama. (Source: Dothan Police Department)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WTVY) - A man approved for border patrol agent training has pleaded guilty to charges that he smuggled almost $1,000,000 worth of drugs into Houston County.

Kenneth Nicholas De la Cerda is among three defendants to enter guilty pleas in federal court. The other two are Alberto Diaz and Jesus Pina. All are from Texas.

A fourth defendant, Muta Bolden of Ashford, awaits trial.

Following their February 2019 arrest, De la Cerda’s attorney told a judge that his client had been accepted into a training program for perspectiveborder patrol agents. Had he completed that training and his hiring finalized, De la Cerda would have been battling the international drug trade.

Instead, he, Diaz, and Pina face prison terms in the scheme to camouflage about $800,000 worth of cocaine in a truck load of broccoli brought from south Texas. They intended pass that cocaine on to Bolden, indictments claim.

De la Certa, Diaz, and Pina could receive reduced sentences in exchange for their guilty pleas.

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