A Georgiana man is recovering from a hard-fought battle with COVID-19

Surviving COVID-19

GEORGIANA, Ala. (WBRC) - A Georgiana man is on the road to recovery after battling COVID-19.

Right now, he’s receiving physical therapy to learn how to walk again and also to regain some lost cognitive skills.

His daughter said he’s come a long way and faith is what kept her and her family going when it looked like he wouldn’t pull through.

William McClain complained about not feeling well at the beginning of June.

“He started feeling fatigued and really tired. He’s a truck driver. He owns his own company and he literally had to pull over on the side of the road and rest,” explained McClain’s daughter, Kimberly Woodie.

“And then the temperature came and the having trouble breathing came, and so that’s when my mother was like, ‘This is not the flu, this is not…you know…this is not normal,’” Woodie explained.

So she took him to get tested for COVID-19 at a facility in Greenville but was immediately transferred to UAB. That was on June 5, a day Woodie won’t soon forget.

“When we found out he had COVID, I immediately called him and he was being transferred from Greenville to UAB, and his words to me, I said, ‘Daddy, don’t leave me.’ And he said, ‘Don’t worry, Baby. I’m going to work this thing out,’” Woodie said.

There are still many unknowns about COVID-19 and medical experts are learning something new every day.

McClain was placed on a ventilator for more than two months and was in a medically induced coma for month.

He’s now awake and talking.

“While he was sedated, we prayed daily with him, and that was one of the first things he said was, ‘I heard you. I heard you praying.’ And so, that gave us encouragement, you know…no matter if they’re in a coma whatever it is they’re hearing you. So, continue to pray, continue to talk, continue to encourage them to fight,” Woodie said.

McClain’s wife also had COVID-19, but has since fully recovered.

Woodie said this experience has brought her family closer together and she hopes her father’s story will remind everyone of just how serious this virus is.

McClain’s doctors said his case was one of the worst they’ve seen, and while he is recovering, it’s too soon to say what the long-term effects of this virus will be.

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