Girl Scouts kick off recruitment season with a different approach due to pandemic

Girl Scouts kick off recruitment season with a different approach due to pandemic

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama is kicking off its recruitment season this year with a twist. Girl Scouts have spent 2020 making adjustments and making sure the goal of the Girl Scouts doesn’t get lost.

“We need to be raising the next generation of female leaders, and that’s what girl scouting is for,” said Meghan Cochrane, Director of Marketing and Communications for Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama.

The Girl Scouts mission is build girls of courage, confidence and character, no matter the situation.

“This is a great time for us to show girls how to change and adapt to what’s going on around you,” Cochrane continued. “We can still do our programs, earn our badges, reach our goals with all of this going on around us. "

And that’s just what these girls are doing, moving forward toward their goals, just a little differently. Eighth grader Emily Ingram has found that virtual girl scouting can be just as much fun!

“We get a potato bag and you put it in the oven and it would shrink like a shrinkydink,” Ingram explained. “And another one was, we had to make a collage of what we were doing to stay active.”

Using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a specific focus for girl scouts this year.

“In one of our researches, we asked the girls if they thought they would get job over a male in a STEM career, and they said no,” Cochrane said.

The Girl Scouts are working to change that for as many girls as possible, as many as they can reach, even if it’s not in person.

“We’re going to be doing Facebook live recruitment events starting Aug. 24.,” said Cochrane. “We’ll be doing give-aways: A free adult membership, which is $25, with any paid girl membership for new members only.

Those virtual events will be held on the Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama’s Facebook page. You can learn more about Girl Scouts here.

“Girl Scouting looks a little different, but it’s definitely not cancelled.” Cochrane added.

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