Alex City mayoral candidates get more votes during certification

Alex City mayoral candidates get more votes during certification

ALEXANDER CITY, Ala. (WSFA) - A courtroom in Alexander City became a central focus in the mayoral runoff race. While there was no high drama, both candidates received additional votes during the state-required certification process.

The certification count started straight up at noon and was over by 12:30 p.m.

“I wasn’t really sure how long it would take, so we were able to go through the process in the boxes.. call out the names and that was it,” said city clerk Amanda Thomas.

Incumbent Mayor Tommy Spraggins picked up 12 additional votes while challenger Woody Baird saw his overall vote total increase by nine, and that included adding in the provisional ballots. Not quite enough to put either man over the top.

“It wasn’t enough to suade the vote either way for either one of us. I mean it may have for me if all of them had come into me potentially but you don’t expect that,” said Baird.

And speaking of the provisional ballots, there were 28 overall. Seven were not counted for various reasons due to voting in the wrong precinct or wrong address.

“The 28 total that we had, 21 were accepted. seven were rejected and that was determined by the Board of Registrars,” Thomas said.

And so instead of 29, 25 votes separate the two candidates. The runoff is still on for Oct. 6.

Spraggins was not able to attend the count Tuesday but did tell WSFA 12 News he “looks forward to the next five weeks of campaigning and making Alex City a better place to live.”

City records show Alex City has more than 10,000 registered voters with 3,200 votes in last week’s municipal elections.

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