Sheffield mayoral race decided by one vote

Decision 2020

Sheffield mayoral race decided by one vote
Sheffield Mayoral race decided by one vote. (Image source: Dan Busey/Times Daily)

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - In the city of Sheffield, one vote was the difference in the mayor’s race.

Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford is not running for another term and three people were trying to replace him.

David Johnson finished first with 621 votes, but Steve Stanley and Penny Freeman had just one vote’s difference to determine who’d go to the runoff and who’d go home.

Steve Stanley had 432 votes and Penny Freeman had 431.

According to our partners at the Times Daily, only five of the 10 provisional ballots cast in the Sheffield mayoral election could be counted. Mayor Ian Sanford said it’s something he had never seen before.

Overall, Stanley said he is disappointed in the low voter turnout and encourages people to come out and vote in October.

Freeman said that close vote margin really speaks to the fact that residents care about the issues both candidates raised.

Other Shoals cities also canvassed last week’s elections but provisional ballots did not impact the outcomes of any of those races.

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