Constant rain from Sally slows recovery efforts, officials say

Slow storm making it difficult for state to respond

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Alabama officials said the slow-moving tropical storm makes it more difficult to begin recovery efforts.

“Power crews and cell phone crews can’t work in hazardous conditions. The winds have to be a certain level before they can start working on restoring power,” said. Col. Tom Tyler with the Alabama National Guard. “With a slow moving storm that just exacerbates that problem and extends the time required to have those services restored.”

Tyler said one of the major concerns they’ve had Wednesday is the lack of power and cell service, specifically near the gulf coast.

“Getting information from that part of the state has been problematic,” he said. "So not having a clear picture of exactly where the need is. It does prove to be difficult to try to predict where leads may arise.”

The Alabama National Guard said since Wednesday morning they’ve sent about

As of noon, the Alabama National Guard had about 50 guardsmen down in the Gulf Coast. Officials said they’re prepared to go to the wiregrass region if called upon.

“There’s a high probability will be needed elsewhere and in different capacity, but we’re prepared to do that,” Tyler said.

State EMA Director Brian Hastings said first responders have had to rescue people from an apartment building, a bus and cars.

He urges people not to go out exploring for storm damage.

“We need to have people stay in a location where they don’t expose themselves to other risks, unknown threats, underwater under flooded areas, the threat of downed power lines," Hastings said. "It’s dangerous out there. So please listen to your local officials and don’t do something that puts yourself at risk.”

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