Sally hits Montgomery, causes widespread damage

High winds, constant rain leading to damage in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - As Tropical Storm Sally made its way across Montgomery, we have continued throughout the day to see wind and rain pick up, resulting in widespread damage across the Capitol city.

WSFA 12 News has been following city crews all day Wednesday as they have been jumping from street to street, responding to different fallen trees.

Some of the trees have fallen on top of cars and homes, most of them blocking roads ways, and almost all of them falling on telephone wires causing widespread power outages.

The latest numbers from Alabama Power show that fewer than 160,000 customers are without power statewide. Of that number approximately 24,000 outages exist in central Alabama, and 13,600 customers are without power in Montgomery.

City crews have been hard at work trying to get power back on.

“Well this morning, it wasn’t that bad. They had a couple trees down but nothing big. This afternoon, it’s gotten worse as the rains progressed along throughout the day. So, if it picks up and the wind picks up, it’s going to get worse,” traffic engineer Justin Thomas said.

Flooding is expected to be an issue.

Crews continue to to work hard, dismembering trees that have fallen over and get power restored to surrounding neighborhoods.

If you see a power line or a tree down, do not touch it, as a lot of these power lines are hot. Instead, you should call 311, and a crew will get out as soon as possible. A reminder, though, 311 is not an emergency line.

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