Montgomery Red Cross helping south Alabama Sally victims

Montgomery Red Cross helping south Alabama Sally victims

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Red Cross workers in Central Alabama are stepping in to help communities in south Alabama that were heavily impacted by Hurricane Sally.

Sally hit the coast as a hurricane. Although weakening to a tropical storm Wednesday, it left widespread damage and flooding.

The Montgomery Red Cross emergency Red Cross vehicle deployed Thursday morning to go help people in Mobile.

The Red Cross has also set up a shelter in Ozark to help storm victims.

Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery has become a staging area for Red Cross emergency respond vehicles across the south. That means emergency respond vehicles go there to make sure their vehicles are stocked and find out where they need to go next.

Several emergency response vehicles arrived in Montgomery Thursday from Red Cross locations in Alabama. Others were from Tennessee and North Carolina

More are expected in Montgomery Friday from other southern states, including Georgia and Mississippi.

Vehicles are loaded with snacks, water, cleanup supplies and personal protective equipment.

Multiple 18-wheelers full of personal protective equipment are also coming to Montgomery. This is to help with fighting COVID-19 along with helping storm victims.

Volunteers say COVID-19 is making the response efforts a lot different.

“For instance, in the serving of the food we have to make sure that we remain 6 feet away from everybody. Of course, everybody’s constantly cleaning. Everybody’s wearing a mask,” said volunteer Vicki Weber.

Volunteers say the Red Cross is in need of cash donations and volunteers.

“People are able, especially with my generation retiring and so fourth, we’re needed. We need you to ride in the ERVs to help serve the food or even working virtually from home if you don’t feel right going into a crowd. There is a way for the Red Cross to use you at home on your computer,” said volunteer Mickey Brown.

You can add at the bottom to call 1-800-RED CROSS or go to to volunteer.

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