Alabama Golf Association hosts 100 Hole Hike fundraiser

Alabama Golf Association hosts 100 Hole Hike fundraiser

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - It’s not uncommon for organizations to host a charity golfing event, but the Alabama Golf Association is putting its own spin on giving back by hiking 100 holes at the Montgomery Country Club.

“We’re here today to raise money for our Youth on Course Alabama program that’s going to provide playing opportunities for junior golfers ages 6-18,” said Andy Priest, the executive director of the Alabama Golf Association.

The “100 Hole Hike” is just that; each golfer playing 100 holes, all while walking across the course from sun up to sundown.

Participants said it was exhausting but worth it.

“Yeah, I’m tired, but it’s been great,” said professional golfer Spike McRoy. “We’re raising money for a great cause, and we’re trying to get kids involved. Put down your dadgum cell phones, turn off the XBOX and come out and play a game that can change your life.”

The tournament will benefit Youth on Course Alabama, which offers young golfers affordable access to the game, while encouraging them to get out on the green.

“Junior golf is near and dear to our hearts, and it’s what we do - setting up the next generation - so it’s very important that we do everything that we possibly can to provide those opportunities to the juniors,” said Priest.

The golfers walked more than 24 miles during the event, something that most have never done at a golf tournament.

“As I’m proving to myself today, it’s really a lot of exercise. I’ve played for 42 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever played more than 50 holes in a single day and today I’m playing 100!” said McRoy. “So it’s great for me, it’s great for the youth, it’s great for everybody.”

The Association has already raised over $25,000 for Youth on Course Alabama.

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