Toddler finds loaded gun on New Jersey playground

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. (WFMZ) - Police are investigating after a New Jersey father called for help when his 2-year-old son found a handgun on the playground.

Police say the toddler found the loaded gun Sunday afternoon at a Phillipsburg, New Jersey, playground. His father got the gun away and called for help.

Police Chief Robert Stettner says they still don’t know all the circumstances around the situation, but it likely could have been prevented if the gun was properly taken care of.

“We have to make sure these guns are locked up. Hopefully, it doesn’t get out there. It doesn’t get removed from a residence or a safe or something. If they’re stored and locked away, there’s less of a chance for something like this to happen,” he said.

Police hope security camera video from homes in the area help them determine what happened and who the gun belongs to.

Brett Everett, the father of two young children, says hearing a gun was found on the neighborhood playground is unnerving.

“I was very shocked, very confused, too,” he said. “Just to hear somebody going through that, the father going through that, I feel for him.”

Fran Ludwig, who lives across the street from the playground, says she’s glad no one got hurt.

“I was just so happy that he didn’t pull the trigger,” she said. “This has been our home for 50 years. Our children played here, our grandchildren. It’s always been home, and all the people here have always been nice. Things are changing, but it’s just so sad. I’m just so happy that nobody got hurt.”

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