Doctors’ reminder: hand washing still important to slow spread of coronavirus

Doctors remind that washing hands is still important

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Doctors are sending out a message about the importance of hand washing while COVID-19 is still spreading.

“Wash your hands frequently," said UAB’s Dr. Michael Saag, who is afraid we’ve fallen out of that practice. “We’ve gotten it down, we know to wear our masks, and we know to keep social distance, and we also know to avoid large crowds , but one thing I want to make sure we also point out is to wash our hands.”

How you wash your hands is also important. Doctors say to wash for at least 20 seconds.

“As you lather, we want you to make sure you get the palms, make sure you get the back of your hands, and between your fingers, even up to your wrists, want to make sure those are clean as well, and then finally your fingernails. Your fingernails harbor a lot of bacteria, so want to make sure we get those as we lather,” said Caroline Cartledge, RN, Student Success Coordinator at UAB.

“Remember that when you’re moving your mask on and off your face, you’re picking up some of the particles that the mask is protecting. And you get those on your hands, you could transmit to someone else,” Dr. Saag reminded. Also remember to wash your hands before you prepare food and eat, after using the bathroom after touching or feeding an animal and after touching any garbage.

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