‘It was scary’: Orange Beach man describes surviving Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally survivor describes ordeal

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Hurricane Sally left very little untouched in Sean Lamont’s waterfront home in Orange Beach.

Lamont says of the storm, “It was a freak of nature!”

Lamont and his wife hunkered down and rode out the storm in the house. Lamont captured Sally’s strength on his cellphone as the storm battered his home.

As the water continued to rise, Lamont and his wife grew nervous. They couldn’t stop the water from coming in their home. Lamont called 911.

He recalls the 911 operator telling him,″Mr. Lamont, we know where you are - we’ll be there once the storm passes."

Lamont and his wife decided they couldn’t wait. They hopped on their personal watercraft and headed to higher ground. They rode the watercraft down roads covered in water and had to dodge debris.

Lamont says Sally is the last storm he’ll ever ride out.

“It was scary.”

While he won’t ride out another hurricane, Lamont says he also will not move from Orange Beach. He said Orange Beach is the only place he will ever live because while every neighbor had damage from the storm, every neighbor helped each other out following Hurricane Sally.

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