Montgomery councilman wants hazard pay for more city employees

Montgomery councilman wants hazard pay for more city employees

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - At Tuesday night’s Montgomery City Council meeting, Councilman Glenn Pruitt asked why some employees weren’t included in hazard pay.

Pruitt says it doesn’t feel that it’s fair that only certain employees are getting hazard pay.

Mayor Steven Reed explained how a city employee who wasn’t already qualified could get it.

“For those that took on different jobs that put them in a different position relative to what they were assigned, they can potentially be considered for hazard pay. Supervisors and our cabinet directors are working out those details and some, again, have already completed that. And that’s how we’re going about it is for those regardless of department, if they did that work, and they submit that to the supervisor and the supervisor submits that to our cabinet director, and out cabinet director then sends that on to finance, and that’s how we determine who qualifies for hazard pay. That, again, is reimbursable by the CARES Act,” said Reed.

Police, fire and rescue, emergency management agency, and sanitation workers are already receiving hazard pay.

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