Tuskegee Mayor Tony Haygood wins second term

Tony Haygood wins Tuskegee mayoral race

TUSKEGEE, Ala. (WSFA) - Tuskegee Mayor Tony Haygood has won four more years in office.

Haygood defeated former city councilman Rozell Chappell Jr. to earn his second term as mayor.

Haygood narrowly secured a second term, beating Chappell by 117 votes.

Haygood’s victory marks the first time a mayor’s been re-elected in Tuskegee in 20 years.

The mayor’s race was a hot ticket here in Tuskegee. More people voted in today’s runoff than the municipal election.

During his first term, Haygood led the city out of the red. Now he wants to use the second term to reinvest those gains to grow Tuskegee.

“We had to stabilize our financial condition, which I’m pleased we were ale to do,” said Haygood. “Puts us in a position to make major changes in our community. Like when you refinance your home, you don’t increase your note, but you can cap on new revenue. We will be able to refinance the old bonds, increased rev to allow us to make improvements in the city.”

During his campaign, Haygood said Tuskegee has experienced financial stability and economic growth during his first term. He credits this to good partnerships.

New City Council members elected Tuesday include Johnny Ford. The former mayor of Tuskegee will now represent District 2.

Chris Lee is the new City Council member at large.

These results are pending certification.

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