Students and parents react to Opelika Middle School moving to remote learning

Students and parents react to Opelika Middle School moving to remote learning

OPELIKA, Ala. (WTVM) - Parents and students learned Tuesday that Opelika Middle School would move to remote learning from October 7 through October12.

Eighth grader Addison Kemp shared how she learned her and her classmates would not be returning to class Wednesday.

“We were all walking in the hallway and some people had already figured it out. So, they were telling us and then we got to our classroom and they were like yeah, we’re going to be out," she said.

According to Opelika Middle School’s website, the decision was based on COVID-19 updates from the school’s head nurse and local physicians. One parent said received several calls about students being sent home the last two weeks.

“It was one message he couldn’t be there, then the next message was I think the whole class or the whole team, and then the next time I heard it was the whole school," said Beyunka Peavy.

According to Peavy, she received the first two calls about her son and his classmates being sent home to quarantine September 27 after a student in his class tested positive. She learned the entire school would be learning remotely October 6. Peavy said her son is doing well and she feels confident about all of the students returning to school next Tuesday.

“I feel like they’re going to take every safety measure that they can and probably increase from what they’ve already taken , due to the fact it resulted in the whole entire school closing.," said Peavy.

According to leaders at the school, the current coronavirus cases are isolated, but they are moving to remote learning in hopes of reducing a potential increase in the total number of cases. They also said the remote learning is not to be considered a quarantine.

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